The Emerald Ash Borer

The eastern asian beetle is deadly to an Ash tree. Once infested the tree begins to deteriorate quickly creating a hazardous condition. Limbs become hollow and weak and can create property or personal damage. We can provide a tree health assessment and a price quote on site.

Signs of a dying or dead tree.

You should be aware of the tell tale signs of a dying or dead tree to prevent unwanted damage to your property and to those around. When trees begin to die they become an incredible hazard. Dead branches can fall on to cars, homes, garages, sheds, fences, pools, power lines, pets, and people. There are warning signs you must look for to determine the health of your tree. 

Diseased Indiana Tree

  • Leaves are brown when they should not be during growth season.
  • Red or Brown needles on your Evergreen is a sign that the tree is dying.
  • Branches that have lost its bark is a sign of a dead branch.
  • Fungus on the branches is a tell tale sign that the branch is dead.
  • The bark is dry, loose, and falling off.
  • There are holes in the bark that indicate insect infestation.
  • The trunk has fungus.
  • The trunk and roots are slimy indicate a dead tree.
  • Missing bark at the trunk.
  • Carpenter ants at the base and around the tree.
  • if you peel away the bark and the tree is dry then you have a dying tree.