We offer free assessments and tree trimming quotes.  We can handle even the hardest to reach limbs with ease. Our boom trucks allow for safe and easy access to trimming. Our Industry Leading Tree Climbing Professionals are safe, neat, and quick. We specialize in clearing areas for power lines and removing dying or dead branches over homes and structures. Our prices are exceptional for the quality we deliver. If you live in Northwest Indiana and are in need of Tree trimming Service, Contact us today for a free quote.  WE DO NOT TOP TREES! Topping trees can lead to disease and premature death of your trees. However, we can thin them out to promote healthy growth and safety.

We provide Tree Trimming, Cutting, and Pruning services in Valparaiso. Crown Point, Merrillville, Chesterton, Hobart, Munster, Michigan City, Portage, Gary, and all the surrounding NWI communities.